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 To visit an inmate you must be at least 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult or legal guardian, if you are under age 18. . All visitors must present a photo ID, and are subject to search before visiting.

Please call the Fayette County Sheriff's Office for specific visitation hours.





The Fayette County Correctional Center opened  in November of 2002. It currently houses up to 44 prisoners. The Fayette County jail is generally full to it's capacity either by our own prisoners, or by housing prisoners for other counties. The Fayette County Correctional Center also houses federal inmates for the US Marshall's when needed.  The jail staff duties keep the Detention Officers busy at all times. The following is a list of Detention Officer duties:

  • Booking in/out prisoners
  • Court duties - magistrate notifications, escort prisoners to/from court
  • Keep jail calendars updated - Reserved bookings of prisoners
  • Filing of contempt of court letters for failure to do jail time
  • Send in monthly state jail reports
  • File for state refunds on housing work release violators from the West Union Residential    Facility
  • Conduct monthly fire inspections
  • Keep jail policy and jail rule book updated
  • Take care of medical records - Escort prisoners to/from Hospital, fill prescriptions, verify medications with Dr.'s, dispense medications, dispense minor first aid supplies
  • Feed Prisoners
  • Laundry -  wash and put away clean laundry.
  • Maintain/Clean jail - supervise the issuing of cleaning of prisoner cells by the prisoners, and receiving of all cleaning supplies back, maintain the sheriff's office and equipment, taking out of trash and recycling procedures

  • Supervise prisoner visitation
  • Supervise prisoner exercising
  • Enter all daily requests of the prisoners correspondence, comments, and medications in the in-house computer.  
  • Supervise all incoming/outgoing mail
  • Transport Prisoners - County wide, State wide, Nation wide.
  • Ordering of jail supplies
  • Type fingerprint cards - DCI / FBI, and fill out disposition forms
  • Take care of walk-ins after sheriff's office hours.    

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